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Preserving our Past:
Bringing the Community into the Classroom

By Taylor--January, 2007

Coombs House

Do you recognize the building in this photograph? If not, you’re not alone. This house, on Route 5, was owned by the Coombs family and burned down in 1915. Without this photograph, we might not have known that this house ever existed. Historical treasures like these should be preserved for generations to come.

The Guilford Central School’s 8th grade and the Guilford Historical Society are working to do just that. They have started a two-year project called the Community History Project, sponsored by the Vermont Historical Society. The project’s focus is to research, scan and digitally record the collection of historic photos from the Guilford Historical Society. The images will be preserved and will be within easy access of the general public. This project will also allow the kids to study local history and uncover stories that are hidden in the photos by interviewing community members. The Community History Project provides each participating school with two IBM computers and a yearly stipend to cover printing and final exhibit costs.

Since November 2006, the project has gone very well. Students have already begun scanning and researching photos from Algiers and Guilford Center and recording descriptions in the Historical Society’s archives. With the help of the Historical Society president Addie Minott, members Joan Barradale, Fred Humphrey and Mary Sargent, and teachers Susan Hessey, Stuart Strothman and Jen Kramer, the students are well on their way to preserving Guilford’s history.

If you want to share your memories about growing up in Guilford or have old photographs you’d like to include in this project, please call Jennifer Kramer or Stuart Strothman at Guilford Central School at 802-254-2271.


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