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Sugaring for the Sargents

by Dillon -- April, 2007

This sugaring season started out slowly due to the cold weather. In a recent interview with Derek Sargent, a student at the Middle School, he said that the statistics for this year’s and last year’s average daily amount of the syrup made each day is about the same amount, but because of the cold weather, the Sargents didn’t start sugaring until late February.

This year’s daily amount was roughly 25-30 gallons a day of syrup. To be able to create a large amount of syrup you need the weather be cold at night and warm in the day. The total amount of syrup produced by the Sargents from the first 5 collecting trips was 118.5 gallons. So after this point the amount of syrup production went down by about ten gallons a day to about 15-20 gallons. There is a time period from February to March 14 where they make fancy, the highest quality syrup, and then after that they make darker syrup called medium amber on the 20 of March.

On the 20 of March the sap started to run very well, causing an increase in the daily amount of the syrup. Before that it was running pretty slowly, causing low production. This season ended up on a bad note, they only made about 400 gallons of syrup and the usual amount is close to 700 gallons a season. The only thing to try is hope for a better season next year.


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