Guilford, Vermont

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Maintained by the students of Guilford Central School

Guilford Gazette

Volume 13 Number 1
November 2006

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Autumn Poem Page 1
Unwanted Trash Page 1
Guilford Firefighters Training Page 2
2006-07 Heat Fund Page 2
Chow Time Page 3
The Mustang and Nakita Page 4
Safe Driving Page 5
A Tough Lesson Learned Page 5
Kathern Paterson: Bread and Roses Page 6
Blue Grass Gospel Project Page 7
Lights on After School Page 7
Dear Genieve Page 8
From the Town Clerk Page 9
Community Reading Buddies Page 9
Library Dedication to Calista Page 10, 11
Early Guilford School Library Page 11
Calista's Book Fund Page 11
Life of a Monarch Page 12
What is a Crayfish? Page 12
Joe Citro Page 13
Spinach Shock Page 14
Serita the Feary Page 14,15
Hal Kuhns Page 15
An Interview of Bob Gaines Page 16
Students Learn about Politics Page 17
Mock Election Results Page 17
Christmas Recipes Page 18
"Sampson" Year 1957 Page 19


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