Guilford, Vermont

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Maintained by the students of Guilford Central School

Guilford Gazette

Volume 12 Number 3
May 2006

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Levi Gunsburg Wins Nationals Page 1
Memoriam For Marguerite Evans Page 2
Bullock Education Fund Page 3
Local Men Turn Up The Heat Page 3
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Page 4
Nell Sather Scholarship Page 5
Trivia Page 5
Fire Department Policies Page 6
Athletic Committee Page 7
How The Gazette Works Page 8
Planning Commision Notes Page 9
Music History Page 9
Big Brothers, Big Sisters Page 10
Dear Genevieve Page 11
Risky Women Page 12
Comunity Web Site Page 13
Gazette Surveys Page 13
Dominican Republic and Baseball Page 14
Knitting Interview Page 15
Singing To Elders Page 16
A Daring Escape Page 17
This Month In History Page 18
Poetry By Students Pages 4, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17,
page 19, and 20


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