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Maintained by the students of Guilford Central School

Guilford Central and Austine School students doing greenup together, May 2011The WSESU District

Equity/Diversity Committee Webpages

The Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Diversity Equity Committee is a group of individuals who meet monthly to address issues of equity in the educational setting of all learning communities in the WSESU. Its purpose is expressed as follows: It is our mission to foster learning environments in which all members of the school community are safe, feel valued and are appreciated. We promote policies and procedures for our District which value equity and diversity in our learning environments.

The committee ideally consists of at least one representative from each school in the Supervisory Union, administrators, school board members, and interested community members, including students and parents. The committee is self-governed by elected officers and an established set of rules under the direction of the Superintendent. who is a member of the committee in support of this work. See Below for a Large Collection of Diversity Resources!

The Middle School Leadership Retreat happened in August 2012! Check out this informative pdf.

Information and Documents WSESU Diversity/Equity Committee

Action Plan Action Plan Update 11-12

Statement on Inclusion from US DOE & Justice Department – Civil Rights Division 2002-

There is a strong preference in favor of educating children with disabilities in an inclusive manner and an integrated environment and requires states accepting IDEA funds to educate children with disabilities in the least restrictive environment (i.e., with their non- disabled peers in the regular classroom) to the maximum extent appropriate.

From "Numbers That Count." Study by Michael Giangreco, University of Vermont, The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI), 2009.

Diversity Curriculum

PRIDE program: Disability awareness (from Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council)

Ten quick ways to analyze instructional materials for bias (link offers a pdf of a matrix for bias assesment)

Recommended Books (screened for bias)

contemporary realistic fict. 3-5

cont. realistic fict. 6-8

cont. realistic fict. 9-12

non fiction k-2

non fiction 3-5

non fiction 6-8

non fiction 9-12

books excel format

Harassment Policy and Advocacy

Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity


Text for this page contributed by Chris O'Brien, BUHS; online resources contributed by ALANA and Karen Saunders, Putney Central; the site itself is hosted by Guilford Central, and maintained by 8th graders, along with Stuart Strothman and community volunteers Cathi Wilken and Marli Rabinowitz.

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