Guilford, Vermont

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Maintained by the students of Guilford Central School

Mineral Springs Farm

 Mineral Springs Farm

In this photograph of Mineral Springs Farm, Guilford, Vermont, there are two gazebos, with many young maple trees surrounding them. The ground is covered with an assortment of dried leaves, and two piles of snow. In the larger of the two gazebos, there is one woman in what appears to be a bath towel, going to bathe in the water, which was said to heal, and make one feel better.

The Guilford Mineral Springs Farm was most popular in the early 1870’s when people traveled from Boston and New York to Guilford, Vermont to visit the Mineral Springs Farm. It was believed that the minerals in the spring had healing effects on people, along with the fresh country air. The mineral springs farm was originally on the Houghton’s farmland. It was not widely advertised until James Dalton, Joseph Burnett, W. B. Potter, and John Knowlton bought it on August fourth, 1864. They formed a very successful company, and soon enlarged the grounds and built several new buildings, including the springs house, bottling house, pavilions, and bridges near the springs.

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